10 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Easter

This season has not been like other Lenten seasons. It feels more somber, without an end in sight. With the social distancing requirements, sick friends and family members, and schools and churches closed, many may wonder how Easter will look. What do we do without mass Easter egg hunts, sunrise worship services, and family feasts?

Although this Easter will be unlike those in the past, it offers families the chance for new ways to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Below are ten ways to teach your children about Easter in fun (and sometimes yummy), age-appropriate ways:

  1. Read All About it: Read the stories of the resurrection. Talk about what the stories have in common and what is different. Which is your favorite and why?
    • Matthew 28:1-10
    • Mark 16:1-8
    • Luke 24:1-12
    • John 20:1-10
  2. Easter Story Snack Mix: Each snack item represents a part of the story of Jesus’s resurrection. Find the full description (and a cute printable) here.
  3. Resurrection Eggs: Each egg in this set of color-coded plastic eggs has an object that represents a scene from Holy Week through Resurrection Sunday. Order the set or make your own.
  4. Resurrection Rolls: This is an easy breakfast food, perfect for Easter Sunday morning. Make Resurrection Rolls with the kids and watch how they turn out.
  5. Goin’ on an Egg Hunt: Set up an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt, but include one super special egg. Choose a specially colored egg, or designate the egg with stickers, and be sure to keep this one empty. When the egg hunt is over, ask who found the super special egg. Build excitement and ask the child to open it. When it is revealed that the egg is empty, tell the story about how the tomb was empty on Easter Sunday. He is not here, for he has risen, as he said (Matthew 28:6, ESV).
  6. The Easter Story Egg: This is a cute book, designed to be read during Holy Week and continued through Easter Sunday. The Easter Story Egg includes a set of wooden nesting eggs, with pictures that represent the stories.
  7. Act It Out: Use dolls, action figures, or stuffed animals to act out the resurrection story.
  8. Flowering the Cross: The cross represents death, and flowers represent life. Choose an old wooden cross (or lay two sticks crisscross on the ground to represent the cross) and add flowers to it. As you do this, remind the children that Jesus is no longer on the cross. He is alive!
  9. Easter Scavenger Hunt: Take the family outside for a scavenger hunt. Look for things that represent the Holy Week narratives (E.g.: berries: wine/juice, sticks: crown of thorns/cross, rock: stone rolled away). Then gather the family and retell the story using the items you found on the scavenger hunt.
  10. Easter Song List: Search YouTube for your favorite age-appropriate songs about the resurrection. Here are a few songs to consider:

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