Bibles I Recommend

When choosing a Bible (whether for an adult or a child), it is important to consider what version the Bible is.  Remember, the Bible was written in various languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic) and then translated into English.  So, translators may translate words and phrases differently, hence the different versions.  Below are some translations that I recommend for children:

  • New International Reader Version (NIrV):  This version is written on a fourth grade reading level and is easily understood by young readers.
  • English Standard Version:  This is the Bible version that I use.
  • The Message :  This is a paraphrase of the Bible.  It is a good version for new Christians and those who may have trouble understanding the concepts of the Bible.   It was not designed for word studies and such.

Below are some Bibles (and story Bibles) that I recommend for children:

  • The Rhyme Bible Storybook (Linda Sattgast, ZonderKids):  This is a fun story Bible for preschoolers (and even young elementary students).  The rhymes make the stories fun to hear and can even help improve reading skills since rhyming words help with predictability, recognizability, and spelling.  The meaning of the stories is conveyed very well.
  • NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers (Lawrence O. Richards: author, Jim Madsen: illustrator):  Our church gives this Bible to all first graders each Fall.
  • Read ‘n’ See DVD Bible (Stephen Elkins):  This Bible/DVD combination is great for preschoolers or young elementary students.  It has great Disney-like illustrations. Children can watch the Bible stories on DVD and/or read them in the Bible.
  • The Beginner’s Bible (ZonderKidz): This preschool story Bible portrays the message of the Bible stories in simplistic language and with colorful illustrations (by Kelly Pulley).
  • The Hands-On Bible (Group): As the name describes, this Bible has hands-on activities (called Do-It) inspiring chidlren and families to make Bible stories come alive. It is designed for ages 6-12 and is written in the New Living Translation (NLT).

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