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I am Christian, a wife, and mother of 2. I strive to live like a Christian and to set this example for others. In my professional life, I am a school administrator, Children's Ministry cheerleader, and a ministry consultant. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Studies and a Master of Arts in School Administration. I have served in both public and private schools as a teacher, Instructional Specialist, Director, and Head of School. I have also served as a Children's Minister within the church and as a ministry consultant. Along with setting a Christian example for women, my passion is to equip parents with tools that help them teach their children how to live as Christians.

Teaching Kids About Christmas Symbols

Have you ever wondered why we use certain symbols at Christmas? Why do we use wreaths, evergreen trees, bells, and more? Watch this video to hear the explanation and to glean tools to teach your children about Christmas symbols.