An Easy Way to Teach Bible Verses

As a child, I had the opportunity to do Bible Drill. In order to do well, and to compete against other children, I had to memorize the books of the Bible, find certain Bible verses within seconds, memorize the names and locations of specific Bible passages (such as the Sermon on the Mount and the Fruit of the Spirit), and memorize Bible verses. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy studying or memorizing, many of those things have remained in my mind for nearly 3 decades.

The way that I memorized these things was mostly through rote memory: look at the passage, read it aloud, cover it up (or look away) and say it from memory…over and over again. As I remember it, that was not a FUN way to learn.

When I studied to become an educator, I learned about the 3 dominant learning styles: Audio, Visual, and Kinesthetic. I happen to be a Kinesthestic learner which means I prefer to learn through doing something. Many children (and adults alike) also prefer this method.

What if I told you that you could spend quality time with your children, while teaching them Bible verses in a fun and effective way? Well, you can! Watch this short video to see what I mean. Have your children learn these verses (along with you) and then expand your biblical repertoire to learn more and more Bible verses.

It is a proven fact (from my experience) that when you learn Bible verses, they will pop into your head at just the right time. But, they can’t pop if you don’t learn them first!


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