It’s a Boy!

It’s a boy! A new baby has just been born! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have birthed an heir to the throne.

As I watched in anticipation, the media covered the event. For weeks the media camped outside of St. Mary’s Hospital, awaiting the birth of the newborn prince. Cameras were steady, scripts were prepared, and all eyes were fixed on the doors to the hospital.

Today was the day. Excitement grew as the princess went into labor. .Hours later, the big announcement was made: It’s a boy! Congratulatory cheers ensued, press releases were made, and a royal announcement was placed on an easel outside of the palace, reserved for this special occasion.

This baby’s birth, although very important, does not compare to another birth which occurred over 2000 years ago. Imagine the excitement of some, and the apathy of others when this royal baby was born. This royal baby came from the lineage of King David and was the Son of the Most High. His name was Jesus!

Today I observed the appropriate way to welcome a royal baby into the world. Jesus’s welcome was not so. He was welcomed into the arms of humble, earthly parents. He was not treated as royalty, and the excitement of his birth was not immediately shared with the world.

And yet, we can change this! I know it’s only July, but Christmas (the celebration of Jesus’s birth) is approaching. Some stores even have Christmas decorations for sale! Let’s make a commitment as Christian parents to celebrate this royal birthday. Let’s begin to plan the activities that we will (or will not) do to commemorate this royal occasion.

Try this: Talk about the birth of Baby Cambridge with your children. Inform them of how special it is for a prince to be born in our lifetime. Tell them about the pomp used to welcome this royal baby into the world. Have them reenact this special event. After discussing the birthday of this royal baby, remind your children that Jesus was a royal baby, too! Have your children help you plan this year’s celebration of Jesus’s birthday: a birthday party fit for a king!

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