One of my favorite Christmas children’s  books (which was later turned into a movie)  is “The Polar Express.” It’s full of wonder and excitement. The boy searches for what he believes in. Is Santa real or make believe? As an adult, I know the answer, yet I also know that so many long for something to believe in.

As I walked through the stores filled with Christmas decorations this season, I have seen many signs that say “Believe.” I’ve even seen a t-shirt with that word covered in glittery stones,with a shiny Santa hat hung over the last E. I know that these signs refer to a belief in Santa, yet I like to read them a bit differently.

This is what I mean. I read through a section of Luke 1 recently. I have read it many times, yet there is one part that always gets me. It says, “And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord,” (Luke 1:45, ESV). I am well aware that this is  referencing Mary, the mother of Jesus. She is “blessed” because she believed what was told to her about the son that she would bear. But, I can also believe that God will do what He says.

Many times, God may reveal something to us and we may not believe Him. Only later do we see how everything “just worked out.” Well, I would rather be on the “blessed” side than on the “things just worked out” side. I believe in a God who does what He says. I choose to believe in the God who keeps His promises, just as Mary did.

As we prepare for the Advent season, you may see the “Believe” signs  which I referenced above. In fact, I have a sign like this in my home. My sign does not refer to a belief in a man with a red suit and white beard, however. It refers to the belief I have in a baby who was born on Christmas.

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