Preschool Video Lesson for Teachers: Walk to Emmaus

Have you ever experienced this?  It’s your turn to teach the Preschoolers this Sunday. The Bible story is familiar (or not), and you’ve read it several times. The problem is this: How do I teach this Bible story to little kids who don’t understand the significance of biblical events like Jesus’s resurrection?

Don’t underestimate what little guys and girls can understand, but we  must help them connect the dots. We must connect what they know to the new learning. We must use objects, stories, and even their names to help them understand big concepts.

My goal is to help you do this more successfully. I have begun recording videos with practical tips to make your teaching (whether in a room full of Preschoolers on a Sunday or in your  own home) more manageable.

Watch and learn, and feel free to send questions my way!