Resurrection Sunday

Background Information:  Resurrection Sunday (Easter) is the day that we celebrate how Jesus was raised from the dead into a brand new, incorruptible body.  It is not about chocolate bunnies or egg hunts.  Resurrection Sunday is the pivotal holiday of the Christian faith.  Without Jesus’ death (to pay for the sins of all people) and resurrection (to defeat death and provide us with new life), there would be no Christian faith.  This Resurrection Sunday, let us focus on the resurrection and make an effort to teach our children about this unforgettable event.

Scripture Focus:  John 20:1-10 (Read this text aloud with your child.  You may want to read the text and summarize it for younger children.)

Activity:   There are many items that symbolize other things.  One of these is the egg.  Eggs can signify new life for baby animals.  Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross, was placed in a tomb, and then was raised to new life.   If you do an Easter Egg Hunt with your child today, remind her that we use eggs to signify new life.

As you hide the eggs, include an empty egg in the hunt. When your child retrieves the egg he/she will likely be unhappy that is is empty.  Ask your child why she thinks that it is empty. Tell your child that the egg is empty on purpose.  It reminds us that Jesus is no longer in the tomb. Jesus died on the cross and was placed in a tomb.  But on Resurrection Sunday (Easter), the tomb was found empty.  The empty egg helps us to remember this truth:  Jesus is alive!

Prayer: God, thank you for allowing Jesus to pay for our sins.  Thank you for raising him to new life on Resurrection Sunday.  We love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.